Everyone has a Next Step. Here at Living Water we want to help you discover what your step looks like. Explore the many options we have available below. Click the connect button to contact us for more information on any of these topics.



Come join us and see what your First Step is at Living Water. This brief informative gathering includes light breakfast and childcare. Pastor Tony will share WHO we are, WHERE we are going, and HOW you can get connected at Living Water. Click here to sign up.



Salvation is God's gift to us, but we must accept it. We can never make up for our sin by self- improvement or good works. It is only by trusting in Jesus Christ as God's offer of forgiveness that you can be saved from sin's penalty. Click here if you would like more information regarding Salvation.



Baptism is a way of showing others that you follow Jesus. This does not make you a believer. However, it is a symbol that you believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior in your life, you share in Christ's death and resurrection, illustrated by going under the water (dead to the old) and then rising again (new life), you are symbolically washed cleaned and your sins are forgiven by his death on the cross. Click here if you would like more information or to be baptized. 



Huddle groups are what we call our serve teams. It takes lots of people using their many gifts and talents to make everything flow for our Sunday morning worship time. Our huddle groups gather to share information, a quick devotion and a little prayer time before tackle the task at hand. We have a variety of great teams for you to join click here to sign up.



Life groups are the heart beat of our church. We have many groups available for you to join. They meet at various times and places to share the ups and downs of life, gain biblical insight, and prayer. From serving together on Sundays to special volunteering opportunities in our community our Life Groups a great place to grow and get connected.

Click here to join a Life Group.



God has given you a custom combination of capabilities called your S.H.A.P.E. Whatever He has called you to do, He has equipped you with what you need to accomplish it. We have created a set of questions designed to help you discover what ministry opportunities God has uniquely designed in you. It starts with a spiritual gifts test(S) Followed by questions to help you define your heart(H), abilities (A), personalities(P), and life experiences (E).

Click the links below to complete these two assesments we will send you a follow up email with the results.

Click here for Part 1 of SHAPE

Click here for Part 2 of SHAPE