• Tony Birkhead

AUTHENTIC - WEEK 1: Audience of One

Your Audience determines your Authenticity!

Who is the real me? This is a question that we first start to unpack even as small children. Hopefully as we grow older and more mature we get a better grasp of who we really are. What does God expect the real me to look like, to act like and be like? All of that is determined by who you are living your life for and by who your audience is.


1. Who did you like to dress up as when you were a kid? Why that person or character?

2. Are there times and places today that you find yourself acting different or pretending to be something you’re really not?

3. Why does this become such a strong urge or a form of peer pressure?

4. Why is it easier to not practice what we preach?

5. Jesus reminds His disciples that they really have an audience of one. How would a new appreciation for that truth change your authenticity?


Who can you identify in your LifeGroup who can help you with accountability in the area of authenticity?


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