• Tony Birkhead

AUTHENTIC - WEEK 3: Authentic Forgiveness

True Authenticity demands Forgiveness!

To be Authentic Christians we must be forgiving. It is the greatest act of love God provided for us by offering forgiveness in Christ. In our culture the idea of forgiving seems cliché and has more lip service than real, genuine forgiveness. Forgiveness as defined by scripture is from our heart and releases the person who hurt us.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (Matthew 18:21-35, Ephesians 4:31-32,

Genesis 41:50-51)

1. What’s the biggest fight you can remember having with a sibling growing up?

2. What are some things that we find difficult to forgive?

3. What are the things Paul tells us to get rid of in order to forgive? What does he tell us to replace them with?

4. How does the “in Christ” (Eph 4:32) affect the way we are supposed to forgive?

5. What did Joseph have to arrive at in his heart before he ever saw his brothers face to face?


What steps can you take today to begin the process of forgiving or seeking forgiveness? How can your LifeGroup help each other in this area of forgiveness?

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