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Badge of Honor

Honor, when no one is watching!

Behind the scenes is where honor is formed. When God chose to build honor in a young shepherd boy, He chose to build it in the ordinary, mundane things of life. It was through these events that character was built and honor was formed.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (1 Samuel 17:31-37, Luke 22:41-42)

1. What’s the biggest obstacle you had to overcome as a kid? How did that help make you who you are today?

2. Why do you think David was willing to face Goliath when none of the Israelite soldiers were?

3. What are some experiences David remembered in his testimony (v. 37) that enabled him to truly rely on God?

4. When he walked out in front of Goliath, David never wavered in his faith. He fully believed his spiritual weapons were greater than the physical ones of his enemies. How would having that kind of faith change your approach to life?

5. Knowing God may use challenges to equip us for other challenges, how will your attitude toward God change when you feel like you’re being tested?


  • What do we demonstrate to those around us when we stand up to our challenges in God’s strength?

  • What can you do as a LifeGroup to encourage each other as you face life-altering challenges to take courage in God’s strength for your fight?


1 Samuel 17:32-36. David was distressed by Goliath’s blasphemies and disappointed that none of Israel’s army had defended the honor of the living God. David’s vocal concerns were overheard and reported to King Saul. The king ordered this potential champion to be brought to him. Imagine his disappointment when his men brought in a young shepherd. David was no more intimidated by the king than by Goliath. To Saul’s astonishment, David volunteered to be Israel’s champion and fight the giant. David was acting on his faith in God, as had Joshua and Caleb, who also expressed faith and courage about overcoming the giants (Num. 13:30; 14:8-9). Saul immediately rejected the idea of David fighting Goliath. He was certain that an inexperienced youth going against an exceptionally powerful and fully trained soldier would be folly. David’s death would be inevitable. Though he was desperate for a solution to the military problem facing him, Saul sought to dismiss David.

17:37. When Saul questioned David’s chances of facing Goliath, David gave his testimony of faith. As a shepherd, he had faced dangerous animals. “Lions” and “bears” (17:36) are strong and deadly, and no one would relish taking them on with primitive weapons. David successfully had done just that. He acknowledged, however, that the Lord had rescued him from those predators. David believed that God would rescue him from Goliath as He had rescued him from wild animals that had attacked his sheep. To this Spirit-filled shepherd boy (16:13), no power was comparable to God’s power. With God helping David, nothing could stand against him.

In what must have been a most stressful decision, King Saul consented to let David be the champion to represent Israel against Goliath. He expressed the sincere prayer that the Lord would be with him. Saul was influenced by outward appearances, however, and he most likely was convinced that David had no chance against the Philistine warrior. As a seasoned soldier in his own right, the king knew that he was sending a boy against a man, a shepherd against a soldier. Saul simply failed to factor God into the equation.

Luke 22:41-42. Prayer time for Jesus. Every major decision called for special prayer time for Jesus (3:21; 5:16; 6:12; 9:18, 28-29; 11:2; 18:1). Jesus knew what lay ahead. The cup of the blood of the new covenant must be spilled. Yet He, as a human being, did not want to suffer. He did not want to die. He would have liked to have found another way to follow God’s plan. Still, He submitted to the Father. The Father’s will He would do, not His own. The Father’s will He knew was best. The Father’s will was what He always prayed for and did, even when the human side wanted something else.

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