• Tony Birkhead


Each one of us must make a decision

to be his church to our city!

Nehemiah was willing to do whatever it took to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. We need to have the same attitude toward rebuilding the lives in our city. Life Groups can have a huge part of rebuilding lives. We must catch God's vision for our church on rebuilding our city. Vision is when our hearts line up with God's heart and that we have purpose in our lives.


We say we accept you where you're at but refused to leave you there.

1. How can your life group work together to reach people restore them, and reproduce Disciples of Christ?

2.What are some practical things your life group can do to help restore our city? Take some time to create a plan.

Discuss how you will put your plan into action.


Here are some suggestions that your life groups can put into action.

Prayer walk different parts of our city.

Plan an outreach cook out at a park.

Find different community organizations to volunteer at as a group.

This could definitely include schools. Go to your outreach Pastor and asked for more suggestions.

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