• Tony Birkhead


Live in freedom, not vengeance.

we live in a world of held back potential. moms, dads, sons and daughters must see the freedom we are able to live in because of the work of Jesus. the holdup we face is the vengeance we live under because of our pasts, struggles and pains. Jesus says “I need you” and we say “You must be talking to someone else”. in His first miracle, one of the lessons we see is redemption. redemption brings freedom. our families will become fully sold out for Jesus when we start living in freedom.


1. self evaluation time...is your family held back for what you could do in the Kingdom because you don’t fully understand grace?

2. what could change in this community if our families understood freedom?

3. In Exodus 7:14-25, Moses turned water into blood. in John 2:1-11, Jesus turned water into

wine. the first time was done in vengeance and the second done in liberty. which miracle

do you see in your life more?

4. According to scripture, other than Jesus, the servants are the only ones that saw where the

“good wine” came from. if we put ourselves in the place of the water jars, what will the reaction of our friends and family be when they see God use us in the same way? (meaning this: the servants had a great story to tell of Jesus using the pots filled with dirty water to bring joy to the wedding, and Jesus can use our lives, no matter how dirty, to bring joy to our community as well.)


the hovering theme of this study has been that we have a tendency to say that what Jesus did on the cross wasn’t enough to forgive us for the things we have done. the King of Glory says that we are wrong in that. commit to pray intentionally and intimately for and with your spouse and family to overcome the lies we tell ourselves.

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