• Tony Birkhead


The way that we love one another directly affects

our obedience to Christ and our witness to the world.

Christ is pretty clear in John 13 that his intent is for believers to love one another and through that love the world would know they are his disciples. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way the church in many instances has forgotten that commandment. What would the church look like if we truly loved one another the way Christ has loved us? How different would not only the church be but also the perception of the world around it?


1. What would it look like to love one another this way?

2. What are some practical ways we can begin to allow God's Spirit to motivate us to this type of love? In what ways do you think it would affect the world around us?

Read 1 John 4:7-21. Discuss the implications of this passage on John 13.


It sweeping truth of this passage is three-fold.

1) God clearly expects us to love one another with the same sacrificial love that he poured out on the cross

2) Only through our submission to the Spirit of God can we truly love the way Christ loves

3) Our love for one another not only affects our relationship with one another, but also affects our testimony/witness to the world around us.

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