• Tony Birkhead


 The result we want will Hinge on the Risk we take.

The biggest Hinge point we’ll ever have as a church and the biggest Hinge point you’ll ever have as an individual has to do with the RISK you/we are willing to take.


1. What was one crazy risk you took as a kid and how did it turn out?

2. Tell about a risk you wish you would have taken and now have some regret for not?

3. Review the story in Matthew 14:22-33.

Why would Jesus send His disciples across the sea knowing there was going to be a storm?

4. How can you determine if it’s really Jesus calling you?

5. If you had to identify a “boat” in your life that is hard to step out of what would it be?


 Spend some time as a LifeGroup praying for your RISK tolerance and for the RISK tolerance of Living Water.

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