• Tony Birkhead

Neighbors - Week 1: Who's My Neighbor?

To love our neighbor we must

first take the step to know our neighbor!

What does it mean to be a neighbor in today's world? Even further, who is my neighbor? The same questions were asked in Jesus' day as they are today. If we are going to follow the command to love our neighbor as ourselves we must recognize who our neighbor's are.


1. Describe your house growing up. What is one of your favorite childhood memories of your neighborhood?

2. What is one good tradition or memory you hope to pass on to your children one day?

In the story Luke records the lawyer is trying to test Jesus. Jesus spoke less to say more.

3. How do you think this method Jesus used could enhance your confrontations and conversations?

4. Why was it so scandalous for Jesus to cast a Samaritan as the hero instead of a priest or Levite?

5. How can we "go and do likewise" with our neighbors?


Discuss something your LifeGroup can do to be neighbors to those in our community.


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