• Tony Birkhead

NEIGHBORS - WEEK 2: Interruptions

Lean into your interruptions.

It is there we will find God the most!

Interruptions are just part of life. It's how we see and respond to the interruptions that allow us to respond correctly. Our pace of life is so busy that we have no time to allow for interruptions. Jesus was constantly interrupted. No matter where He was going or coming from there was always a crowd and always people who wanted or felt they needed something from Him.


1. Growing up, did you live in a home where everything was planned out or was your family more a "go with the flow" family?

2. How do you handle interruptions in your life?

3. Do you ever feel like wherever you go and whatever you do there is always someone who needs your time? How do you handle it?

4. What area of your life could you set a better pace in so you can allow yourself to be interrupted?

5. Looking back over the past week or so can you identify any people God may have put in your path that you either noticed or didn't?


Buy 2 or 3 gift cards this week and keep them with you. Ask God to show you the interruptions and lean into them. He may use you to change someone's Christmas.


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