• Tony Birkhead

NO RAGRETS - WEEK 5: There's Only One

There’s only one regret

you can’t come back from!

I am sure we can all find a regret we have. We all have something we wish we would have done different in our past. Most every regret we have had we can come back from. If we’re not dead, God’s not done! But there is one regret we can’t come back from.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43, 7:17-23)

1. Tell about a regret that you’ve come back from?

2. How can we use the things around us to help teach others as Jesus did with parables?

3. Why do you think people gain a false sense of salvation?

4. Why do you think it becomes so difficult for someone to quit posing and step out and admit they really don’t know Jesus?

5. Where do you find yourself in the parable of the wheat and the weeds?


Do you know that you know that you are a disciple/follower of Jesus?

Write down the names of people who need Jesus that your LifeGroup can come together and pray for daily over the next week.

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