• Tony Birkhead


Often times, the Bible is read as something happened in the past, and thats where it ends. we see miracles of the Bible and think they stopped there. we read stories of great early church growth and say “well that was then...” and many times, the power of the Bible is limited to the time of the Bible. as we go through this series “one hit wonders”, we want to be sure that we realize that one hit wonders didn’t stop in the Bible, they became us, the church. we all have very specific callings in the kingdom of God. we were all created for something amazing. we are all one hit wonders.


1. There is a failure in humanistic thought that undermines the power of God’s call in our lives. it often happens because we see our jobs as small, over-looked or unimportant. What are some of the “small” jobs that God has asked you to do to serve in His kingdom?

2. What would happen if you stopped showing up for your part?

3. In the story of Naaman and the servant girl in 2 kings 5, who was more courageous? why?

4. How would that story have been different if the servant girl held her role as a slave and remained silent? is that any different than you or i not stepping up to the tasks God has called us to?


We related the servant girl’s motivation to act in her faith to believing this claim in her life....

I am royalty. I have destiny. I have been set free. I’m going to shake history.

What could change in your life, our church, this community and the kingdom if you lived in that same belief ?

#Royalty #Destiny #Freedom

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