• Tony Birkhead


Do we love God and believe in Jesus with all our heart?

Then all is the only answer!

A poor widow woman digs deep and gives all she has. As believers we must learn that anything short of all is not enough. As American Christianity goes we all have some sort of an idea that as long as we claim Christianity, and kind of play the part that will be enough in the end.


  1. Is the story of the widow woman all about money or would you say it is all about heart condition?

  2. Discuss the premise of it is not what you give but why you get it?

  3. It is very difficult to give out of our poverty. It is pretty easy to get out of our wealth. When we

think of this we automatically think of money. What are things that we may give out of our poverty and not our wealth that have nothing to do with money? An example maybe we don't have much time, and we choose to give of our time.

  1. Mark chapter 12-versus 28-34 answers how we can give all. In these verses it talks about loving God with all our heart, mind, and soul. Discuss as a group what that actually means?

  2. In the same group of verses it talks about loving our neighbor which we know if we don't love our neighbor we can't love God. The question is always asked, who is our neighbor anyone and everyone we come in contact with. Take some time to discuss how to love those that are hard to love?


The widow woman may have only been a one hit wonder because she only had one story in the Bible, but her impact of giving all to God is a great example for all of us. It was also a great example to disciples who would be asked to give all, and most of the disciples would even give their life in the end. Is Jesus not worthy of our all.


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