• Tony Birkhead


“You Can’t Blame it on the Rain”

1 John 4:19 – “We love because He first loved us.” It’s time to choose...

One particular theme throughout scripture is God’s pursuit and calling of His people to choose Him. From the beginning of human history God has beckoned humanity to choose Him and live. Unfortunately, the sin Adam and Eve committed in the garden fractured His relationship to us separating humanity from its Creator. Fortunately, God had a plan for reconciling humanity to Him throughout the ages that was culminated in the ultimate sacrifice displayed on the cross. We choose God because He first chose us.


1. Read 1 Kings 18:19-40

2. How is God’s call for us to choose Him displayed in this passage?

3. What are some ways you have chosen God in your life?

4. What are some areas you need to choose God?

5. Take some time and discuss when/how you chose Christ (testimony)?


Scripture is clear our choice of God is prompted by His choosing of us. It is our choice of Christ that brings us eternal life and reconciliation to God. In addition, we cannot overemphasize that we must continue to choose Christ in every area of life, in every decision, in every moment. Christ must be the center of our marriages, our friendships, our jobs, our ministry, our everything. Only then are we truly where God created us to be.

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