• Tony Birkhead


When vision and mission collide we have purpose.

purpose is always better together. #Lwtogether

This one hit wonder named Hur understood that all parts of God's vision and mission are important, and in this he found his purpose. One of the major things we get from this story is every part that everyone plays is important. If we are Joshua and we are called to the battle or Moses called to intercede in prayer or Aaron and Hur called to physically hold up God's man Moses. We have divine vision and mission which is our divine purpose.


  1. Discuss some of the battles we may have with the flesh, our sinful nature.

  2. Discuss how this limits us from God's divine plan.

  3. Talk about the vision of our church, living water, and how you can make it real in your group.

  • Reach Restore and Reproduce

  • Reaching those far from Christ.

  • Restoring each other to fellowship with Christ.

  • Reproducing followers of Christ.

  1. Take some time to talk about how you can hold your pastor up in prayer. Discuss how you can hold other members of your staff up in prayer.

  2. Talk about how you can hold each other up in prayer.

  3. Discuss ways you can be of better service as individuals and as a group. Learning how to become Hur.

  4. Time to get real, pray as a group, be sincere and see if you can touch Heaven.


  • Remember as you go out and do this week that you are going to face Amalek everyday. Every generation will face attacks by the flesh. This battle is to keep you away from God's mission and vision for your life to make you have no purpose.

  • The best way to reject this is with true service,and passionate prayer lifting others up interceding for them.

  • Remember Hur and lift someone up.

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