• Tony Birkhead

PEACE, LOVE & HAPPINESS - WEEK 2: What do You Want to See

Choose your view by being convinced

of what you want to see! Choose JOY!

We all have struggles and circumstances in this life that can cause us to see things with a jaded view. We can find joy all around us as it’s produced through us. It really is our choice on whether or not we want to see it. It boils down to a question of how you want to choose to view your circumstances and your life; either as something happening to you or something being produced through you.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (Philippians 1:12-30)

1. Describe the most beautiful place you’ve ever been? What kind of emotions are stirred as you describe it?

2. What was the cost to get to see that place?

3. Tell about a circumstance or time in your life that caused you to feel as if you didn’t have joy?

4. What did it take to help you find joy in the middle of that circumstance? Are you still wrestling to find that joy?

5. Paul speaks of finding joy by being convinced that God has got his circumstances under control. How do you think you’re view would change if you became convinced of this same fact?


How can your LifeGroup better help remind each other of the “whatever happens” of life being a choice to find Joy?

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