• Tony Birkhead


Philippians chapter 2 teaches us that Joy

is most personified in the love of a humble servant.

A person who is humble does not have to tell you they are humble. You can see it in the way they love. You can also see it in the way they serve. You know it in the fact that they're willing to put you first, and everyone else around them. Result of being a person like this is even when they are in a bad situation even when life is hard for them. They are still trying to put others first. These people act just like their teacher their master ,and their Lord Jesus.


1. Who are some people in your life that are truly humble?

2. What are some of the characteristics you observe that they have on a constant basis?

3. Several times in Philippians chapter 2 we are told not to be guilty of grumbling.

What are some things that we grumble about in our church life?

What are some of the things that we grumble about in everyday life?

Whenever you're in the grumbling mood how much joy and love do you feel?

Obviously this question is somewhat facetious, but take some time to discuss it as a group.

4. What are some ways that we can become humble servant?

5. Talk about some ways that you are growing in the Lord, and working out your own salvation with fear and trembling.


Take some time to ask yourself a few questions that only that the spirit can answer for you. Am I truly humble or am I just putting on for people. What I really put someone above me if it were truly hard on me? How can I become more sacrificial like Jesus was? Does my life with my church family look more like a servant or a consumer? These are all very hard questions that we must all ask ourselves and then not rely on ourselves to answer it. We must rely on the spirit of God to give us the answers.

Once we know then we must turn to God to help us move toward humility. Once this happens we will know true joy and those around us will know true love.

#Joy #Peace #Love

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