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PEACE, LOVE & HAPPINESS - WEEK 5: Anything and Everything

When your anything and your everything

become God’s things worry becomes no-thing!

Worry is the thief of Peace and Joy. We all know that worry unchecked can have disastrous effects on our health and our minds but somehow there doesn’t feel like there’s any way to control it. I believe therein lies the key. We spend too much time trying to control our worries and too little time taking them as captives and locking them up. Sounds simple but it takes discipline and work but Paul reminds us it can be done and we can learn to lock up our worries.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (Philippians 4:4-9)

1. Growing up; who was the biggest worrier in your house?

2. Who’s the biggest worrier in your home now?

3. What kind of results have you seen from worrying?

4. If worry steals our joy and our peace why does it become our “go to” when things get difficult?

5. Paul says to combat worry we’ve got to pray right, think right and put it into practice by living right.

What are some ways praying instead of worrying can bring peace?

What are some ways thinking on the right things can bring peace instead of worry?


How are some real things you can do this week to help reduce worry? What are some practical things your LifeGroup can do to help one another with worry?

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