• Tony Birkhead

THE SHADOW OF THE CROSS - WEEK 3: The Easter Question

To be let go you’ve got to first get back up!

There are times when we’ve given everything we’ve got and we’ve got nothing left. We feel as if the very life has been drained out of us. The story of Easter is a story of getting up. Jesus said He is the resurrection and the life but does that mean we can be a part of those as well?

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (John 11:25-44, John 10:10)

1. Tell about the most tired time in your life. What caused it and how did you feel?

2. Jesus says He is the resurrection and the life. How does that effect your day to day to life today?

3. Name some things that take our attention off of this gift of life God has given?

4. What did Jesus mean in John 10:10 when He said I came to give you life? Is He speaking only of eternal life?

5. Describe how you think the scene looked reading John 11:43-44? Have everyone add a little more to the description.


 What things in your life do you need to let go of so you can get back up?

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