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THREADS - WEEK 1: Influence

Are we willing to lose our influence

just to give our opinion?

Where the bible is clear we should be clear. The problem is the church has taken the stance for far too long that when the bible is clear we must be mean and set a standard for people who aren’t Christians. Where in the bible does it say for us to judge the actions of those who aren’t Christians? Where in the bible does Jesus say he’s a republican or a democrat? Where in the bible does it say for us to expect someone who doesn’t know Jesus to act like anything other then someone who doesn’t know Jesus? Too many Christians walk around with a chip on their shoulder that they are saved and forget that only through His grace are they not lost.


1. Who was the most opinionated person around you when your were a kid?

2. Why do we feel the need to share our opinion?

3. In Acts 17:16-34 the story is recorded of Paul in Athens? Was Paul disturbed by what he saw there? What was his reaction?

4. What did Paul use to gain influence? What common ground did he find?

5. What was the result of Paul’s choosing to influence instead of just make a point?


It’s always easier to just give your opinion. It takes longer to lean in and choose to influence instead of just proving a point! Who is someone you can choose to influence this week in your school, work or family instead of just giving your opinion? Pray for that influence this week.

Don’t give up your influence just to give your opinion!

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