• Tony Birkhead


Fear is fought with a farsighted courage!

What did Jesus say about fear? He lived in a world dominated by Rome. As the Roman nation would enter war it was with an outcome in mind, conquer, kill and dominate the world! Jesus and His disciples were living in a country that had once been free but was now living in control of another. On top of that Jesus knew He was about to send His disciples into a fearful religious world as well. Can they walk in a world full of fear? Can we?


1. What was your biggest fear as a kid and how did you overcome it?

2. What are some fears we all share in common?

3. Jesus knew He was sending out His guys with fear. He even warned them of what would happen. How do you think you would have received Jesus’ words that day?

4. In Matthew 10:28 Jesus told them to fear God. Why?

5. How does it make you feel when you hear you should “fear God”?

6. How can a life given to God effect your fears?


Share with your group what some of your fears are and pray together for some farsighted courage, knowing God’s got this!

#Fear #Courage

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