• Tony Birkhead

THREADS - WEEK 3: Sex & Marriage

 The standard is set.

Will we see it, accept it and obey it?

For lack of a standard we lean solely on opinion. The problem with opinions is they vary and we can’t draw a conclusion. Remember the very first week we started this series I wanted to set into our thinking the idea that don’t need to give up our influence just to give our opinion. That leaves us with a follow up question... how do we not give up our influence when there is a standard not an opinion?


​1. What were you taught about marriage and sex growing up?

2. How has our opinions been shaped by our world?

3. What’s the difference between a standard and an opinion?

4. Jesus was restating the standard for marriage and sex set by the Creator in the beginning. What type of response does this typically get today?

5. What are some ways people justify their opinions when they contrast with the standard God has set?


Discuss in your LifeGroup ways to have these conversations with people who may disagree with you.

Pray together for opportunities to carry out these conversations this week.

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