• Tony Birkhead

THREADS - WEEK 4: Racism

Division will only cease when we choose

to see with God’s vision!

We all exist with prejudice toward or against certain things and even people. In many cases depending on how and where we were raised these prejudices are lived out in racism. As we look around our nation and even our own back yards recently we see hatred and disrespect overflowing at an alarming rate. Where do we find the standard? How do we go about correcting a view of other people that leads to hatred?


1. Growing up, what was modeled in your home and family regarding other races?

2. How have your personal experiences reinforced or changed this view?

3. Why do you think the early church was so divided over race and ethnicity?

4. Why did Peter object to eating of the unclean animals God had provided?

5. At what conclusion did Peter arrive regarding race?


 What is something your LifeGroup can do together to influence others about God’s vision of people?

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