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THREADS - WEEK 5: Can I Drink Beer?

Can my example be followed as I follow Jesus?

The question is more front and center today then it has ever been; can a Christian drink alcohol? We always go to our standard for our answers, the Bible. The bible speaks against drunkenness but not drinking. How do I make this work in the culture I live in without losing my testimony or hurting others? The Apostle Paul gives us some good principles to follow.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (1 Corinthians 10:23-11:1)

1. How was drinking viewed in your house growing up?

2. What views and precautions are in place in your home now?

3. There are 3 answers most Christians hold to when it comes to the Christian and alcohol according to the bible:


Abstains- “Not sin, but I choose not too”

Moderation- “Not sin, but I choose to in moderation”

How can these 3 views make it difficult to allow grace for others who may not agree?

4. The religious leaders accused Jesus of being a drunkard. How is this view still prevalent today if a Christian chooses to exercise their freedom to drink in moderation?

5. According to Ephesians 5:18 we shouldn’t get drunk. Paul says we should instead be full or intoxicated with the Spirit. In what ways is being drunk on wine and being filled with the Spirit similar?

6. Are you willing to set aside your freedom to not cause someone else to stumble?


How can you set a standard in your home and LifeGroup when it comes to drinking?

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