• Tony Birkhead

THRIVE - WEEK 1: With Margin, On Mission

A life lived with margin can be a life

lived on mission and that life will be on purpose!

Everyone would like a little wiggle room when it comes to our finances but have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you want that wiggle room? Is it so you can buy nicer things or go different places or is it so you can join God on mission? Let’s discuss what being on mission looks like...


1. What’s the funniest thing you ever walked away from and were just happy to have survived?

2. How do you think our attitudes change when we go from just surviving to thriving in an area of our lives?

3. When Jesus invited people to be on mission with Him how do you think it changed their lives?

4. The men in this story were certainly on mission. What kind of excuses do you think they could have given instead of carrying their friend to see Jesus?

5. In Luke 5:20 Jesus saw the faith of the friends not the faith of the cripple man. What does it look like in your life to carry someone to faith?

6. What are some results of these guys choosing to live their lives on mission?


As a LifeGroup write down the names of 3 people you can pray for that need Jesus.

Take your first step of creating a life with margin so you can live on mission! Maybe consider your entire LifeGroup taking Financial Peace University together in January?


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