• Tony Birkhead

THRIVE - WEEK 2: Priority

We prioritize what we value!

The things in life we value most we prioritize. It works the same way with our money. The things we value most we spend or give the most too. Jesus teaches us how to make His Kingdom the biggest priority in our lives when it comes to our personal finances. When we place the right value on His Kingdom we will prioritize our finances to match.


1. Have you ever bought something reasonably expensive and used it because you felt obligated? What did you end up doing with the item?

2. How does our stuff compete with our devotion to God?

3. How do you think the practice of giving to God regularly might impact your faith (and the world)?

4. What would you do differently with your finances if you were confident that God wanted the best for you in that area?


Take some time this week to explore your financial priorities and see where you place the most value. If God’s not in there find out why and place Him where you value Him most.


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