• Tony Birkhead

THRIVE - WEEK 4: Remove the Difficulty

Let’s not make difficult

what Jesus already took the difficulty out of!

Our desire at Living Water is to cultivate an environment where people are accepted where they are and we refuse to leave them there. In order to accomplish the task before us we want to take every obstacle we can out of the way for you to invite your friends and neighbors. The early church faced a decision: how would they reach those who were far from God? They chose to remove the difficulty.


1. What are your earliest memories of church? What did a typical service look like?

2. What are some things you think people find difficult with attending church?

3. What was the difficulty the early church was facing among those coming to Christ?

4. Too often people feel like they aren’t good enough or have the right clothes or talk the right way to attend church. What is your experience in convincing others those things don’t matter?

5. How do we not make it difficult foe people who want to turn to God?


Are you actively giving and being generous with your time and your money when it comes to creating an environment at Living Water that takes away the difficulty of bringing someone to church?

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