• Tony Birkhead


 In the middle of the battle...

Focus on the One who has Won the War!

Although we haven’t all fought physically in war we’ve all at some point been engaged in warfare. Sometimes in the midst of those battles we lose sight and just need to find our focus. Where do we find that focus and who do we look to?


1. What was your favorite thing to play as a kid? Were you always the good guy/girl?

2. What do you think it must have been like for John to see the things he saw in Revelation?

3. Why was John weeping?

4. What do you think John was expecting when the elder said the Lion of the Tribe of Judah?

What did he see?

5. How does it make you feel to read that God has all of our prayers together?

6. How do prayer and praise mix together when we are looking for focus in the battle?


No matter what you’re facing this week or in the weeks to come you will have times of losing focus. What are some ways your LifeGroup can remind and help each other in those times?

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