Our church has the warm spirit that it does because of those that are willing to love on others through service. If Living Water is your church, then be involved. Serve. Volunteer. In doing so, you have an opportunity to help others feel the tangible love of Christ through members becoming His serving body.


Welcome to Guest Services! That is the goal in this ministry, to welcome guests to Living Water. We want our friends that come and experience church here to know that they are special and that it is our honor to have them with us. Guest Services volunteers help people that are new here get plugged in, find their way around, and learn more about the church.

Our Campus Safety is responsible for being the eyes of the church in case of any event that might be disruptive. This is a great way to help campus events run smoothly and to make sure that everyone is honored while here.

We have a ton of moving parts at Living Water. The Parking Lot Team deals with some of those larger parts! It can be confusing in the middle of all of the excitement here finding a spot to get your family in and out of the church safely. That is where our Parking Lot Team comes in. They are the first friendly faces you see and set the tone for your experience here.
Maybe you don’t have any desire to be on the platform, but would love to help with service production. Our A/V Team is a great place to develop skill and help with things such as lighting, sound, cameras and projectors.

An extra boost of energy is always nice in the mornings. Our Coffee Crew gets here early and gets everything brewing. You don’t have to be a world class barista to serve here, just someone willing to help keep the lemonade cool, the hot chocolate rich and the coffee full!

The next generation of the church is growing! If you have a desire to see it be successful, then either the Children’s or the Student ministry could be a perfect place for you to jump in.
Wherever you are, the Next Step is yours.
Head to our contact page and send us an email, so we can help you find your Next Step today!